Online therapy, psychotherapy done over the internet using videoconferencing technology, is a growing and developing field. Therapy is only a small part of telehealth and telemental health services that are currently being provided online in many parts of the world. Psychiatrists are prescribing medications over the internet, patients are getting access to the experts not available in their areas, and some psychotherapists are beginning to explore internet based group therapy. If you are in a remote area where getting to a therapist’s office could take you an hour each way in heavy traffic or 3 hours to come down the mountains, you surely can appreciate the convenience and accessibility of a therapist when all you have to do is turn your computer on at the time of the appointment and have your therapy session in your own home or office.

However, this wonderful option does not come without limitations. Since my office is located in the San Francisco Bay Area and I am licensed as a psychologist in California, I can only provide mental health services to clients in California. Sometimes it is possible to work with clients located in other states, but this will require communication with the licensing board of a particular state. If you are located outside on California and you are looking for a psychotherapist who provides therapy online, please contact me and we can discuss the possibility of working together. If you are a Russian-speaking client and cannot find a Russian-speaking therapist in your area, please contact me and we can discuss whether utilizing internet based therapy would be appropriate in your case.